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Vertex BD 2023 (29.0) Service Packs

The service pack download link has been delivered to the system administrator (Technical contact person) who is responsible for installing the service packs in your company.

  • The service update requires a valid Software Maintenance Agreement .

If the message has not reached the right person, contact us at Vertex Systems Oy:

When you find that you are not using the latest version of the software, contact your system administrator (unless you are responsible for updating the Vertex BD yourself) and ask her or him to perform the maintenance update.

  • The latest service pack includes all the fixes and improvements that were previously released for this main version.
  • Please note, that the service packs listed below can only be used to update the main version  2023 (29.0.xx).
  • In other words, these service packs cannot be used to update older versions, such as 2022 (28.0.xx),  2021 (27.0.xx),  2020 (26.0.xx), 2019 (25.0.xx) or 2018 (24.0.xx) to 2023 (29.0.xx)

Do not install a service pack update if maintenance is not valid

Users who have a maintenance contract or a subscription or rent license are entitled to a service pack update. If you are using a perpetual license with no maintenance, do not install the service pack update. The program stops working if you install a newer program version than the maintenance end date. Keep the program up to date. Discover the benefits of maintenance!

See service pack history for version 2023 (29.0.xx):

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