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Support Service

The support service will assist our maintenance customers with any issues related to the installation and use of the Vertex software. We also welcome any software development ideas.

For new Vertex users, we recommend attending Vertex courses. The product documentation site also contains self-study material, such as tutorial videos.

Support service contact information

You can contact support service by logging in the Vertex Help Center. Find the details here:

When should I contact support?

Support is for:

  • Solving problems with software installation and use.
  • Collecting development ideas regarding the functionality of the software.

Contact primarily your sales representative, if:

      • You want new features in the program (chargeable add-on options) or inquire about the price of the add-on options.
      • You want Vertex to make company-specific customizations to your program, such as company-specific drawing sheets.
      • You want to change your license type, for example, from a USB hasp module to a NetVid license.

Contact primarily our delivery department (, if:

      • You need a new license file (LICENSE.TXT).

Find out the following information before contacting support

The version of Vertex program

You can find the current software version under File > This software version.

You can find out the following information from the “About” window, for example:

  • The current software version, for example 30.0.00.
  • License add-on options: NC Manufacturing Interface, Advanced 3D Modeling, Rendering, 3D PDF Converter, 3D DWG Import.
  • The system information includes the virtual id of the computer and graphics card, for example.

You can copy the information from the "About" window to the clipboard and paste it into your support request.

Program messages

The Vertex program and/or the operating system may issue errors or other messages in connection with the problem. Take screenshots of them and attach them to your support request.

If you cannot take a screenshot, write down the contents of the message and add it to the support request.

Next is a sample screenshot of the message that the program gives at startup. The message is caused by a missing NetVid license activation code. The program starts when the user enters the activation code in the Activation code field.

Graphics card

  • If all users have the same Vertex version and the program runs on one user differently from other users, then you should find out the problem computer's graphics card and graphics card driver information.

  • To find out the graphics card and the driver version, click System Information in the Nvidia control panel.

  • In addition, check the graphics card driver setting by selecting 3D Settings -> Manage 3D Settings -> Global Settings - Global presets in the Nvidia control panel. Select any of the Dassault* options, version does not matter, for example:
    • Dassault Systemes CATIA - compatible
    • Dassault Systemes - V5 / 3DExperience

Automatic crash reports

  • Vertex automatically generates a report from the crash situation and compresses it into The crash report captures a screenshot of the Vertex window and the most recently used functions. The crash report is automatically attached to the email, and the user is asked to complete the message by describing the steps that led to the problem. Complete the problem description in the email message field and send the message to the default address

  • If you use a webmail in your internet browser, type a new message and attach from the user-specific Documents folder. Send the message to

  • Tell us about your crash report when you send a support request to

Please note that a crash report sent to does not automatically generate a support request.

What information needs to be included in the support request?

Problem description

When does the problem occur and how?

At the support service, we try to replicate the customer's problem situation. If the problem can be repeated, the cause can often be traced. Please include a description as accurate as possible of the problem with your support request and describe exactly what actions you took before the problem occurred.

  • Does the problem recur regularly or is it a random phenomenon?

  • Does the problem occur with one or more users?

  • Does the problem occur with one project or with all projects?
  • What happened before the problem started? Was the hardware upgraded before the problem started?
  • Can you repeat the problem? If so, what is the exact chain of functions you are using?
  • Also, name the exact point where the problem occurs. For example, if you have a problem with a drawing sheet, give the name of the drawing sheet. If the problem is with a wall panel, give the label of the wall panel.

File attachments

Attach an example project in your support request that shows the problem.

Compress the project with the function:

File > Export > Export Project To VXZ File.

You can save the project you are designing as a separate example project for the support request by using the File > Save Project As function.

Name the example project and remove the extra geometry from it. The example project does not have to be a complete copy of the design project, it is enough that the problem is noticeable.

Creating a separate example project is recommended especially if the original project is too large to be sent as an email attachment.

If the compressed file is too large for an email attachment, please tell us in your support request. You will get the address of the service where you can upload the file.

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