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Set Object Visibility

Building components may be visible in multiple drawings and models.

For example, beams, columns, and foundations may be visible in both architectural and framing models.


Set object visibility

There are some situations where an object should be visible in both architectural and framing models. Now it is possible. Simply select the object and select Set visibility from the contextual popup menu. You can define in which drawing and models the selected object is visible.

Example: Beams and Columns

Beams and columns are often both, structural and architectural elements of a building.  In these cases, they need to be visible in both, architectural and framing models. This new feature allows them to be shown in elevation, section and layout drawings, as well as, in the framing model for checking purposes. Select beams and columns and set their visibility in necessary drawings and models.

Example: Chimneys and Other Components

It's also important to see chimneys in the framing model. The possibility to punch a hole by a chimney has long been a feature of the software. You also need to check that the hole for chimney is in the correct place and the right size in the framing model. This is now easier to do by making the chimney visible in multiple drawings and models. The same functionality can be used to show the chimney in different floor layouts and roof drawings. This feature is also available for almost all building components. For example, you can see how doors and windows fit within the wall framing by making them visible in the framing model.

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