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Graphics Settings for Large Projects

When designing large projects you may encounter speed problems in modeling. You can adjust the graphics settings to speed up modeling. Below is an example of optimal graphics settings for large projects.

Select File > Preferences > Graphics.

Try the following settings:

Defines the transparency of a part selected in the model. Does not affect the model rotation.

Adjustment of the visibility of the selected object and the geometry in front of it. When set to zero, the geometry in front covers the selected object. Does not affect the model rotation.

When set to zero, the edge lines in the model are rough. This is favorable in terms of rotation.

Defines the darkness of shadows (0-5). When set to zero, the shadows are not drawn at all.

The setting can affect the performance of models with a lot of curved profile features.

If the model includes point clouds, this setting reduces the number of points and thus lightens the model in rotation.

When not selected, the model edge lines are not drawn when the model is stationary, or when the model is rotated, panned or zoomed. The model is drawn faster when the motion stops.

When selected, the material textures are shown in the OpenGL shaded model. Clearing the check box reduces visible details and speeds up refreshing the screen.

Effective when the model is limited with planar faces. When cleared, the cross sections are drawn in the limited 3D model. Does not affect the model rotation.

When selected, the reference geometry is drawn in gray. The geometry to be edited is shown in true colors. When cleared, rotating the model is slightly faster.

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