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Design Requirements and Limitations


The software is written and tested by a team of highly qualified engineers. Engineering results must be verified by the educated and qualified engineer.

Project Requirements

  • Truss Engineering allows only one building within the project.
  • Buildings with dynamic wind behavior cant’ be engineered
  • Floor should not be used as ceiling, wind load generation in case like this is not sustained
  • User should run engineering for ceiling drawing-model pair before roof to generate ceiling dead and live load and engineering messages, which may tell errors or warnings in modeling
  • Twisting and bending out of truss plane of truss members should be prevented by structural details like bracing. Trusses are engineered only for forces affecting in truss plane.
  • Shear lag in cross sections is not taken into account.
  • If cross section maximum width to thickness ratios are out of limits stated in building code, qualified engineer should check that engineering properties of cross section are valid.
  • Wind frictional drag loads are not taken into account
  • Earth quake specific loads nor earth quake engineering is not included in Vertex engineering
  • Don’t use old project as template for new project because problems in old project are also problems in new project

Software Options

Vertex BD Truss Design option have to be set on to allow design of truss structures. Span table option use with Truss Design or Beam Design option is not possible.

Building Codes

Capacity check is available in following cold formed sections building codes:

Eurocode 1993-1-3 (Europe, UK)

AS/NZS 4600-2005 (Australia/New Zealand)

GB 50018-2002 (China)

Supported cross sections

Currently lipped-C section without intermediate stiffeners is supported in engineering. Other section shapes can be implemented to the system and it may need customization work. Boxing and other reinforcements can be used and taken into account in engineering based on customer data.

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