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Define Truss Bracket and Screw Connection Capacities

Truss Brackets

Truss bracket engineering works so that keyword BRACKET_DESIGN_LIB in setup\pcecalc\PCECSETUP refers to system\complibs\bracket_table folder where d_BRACKET_DESIGN database exist.

Bracket capacities are in this database, the values are only for an example, not real ones. Correct capacities provided by bracket manufactures must be updated into the database.

Query is like “where NUM_OF_BRACKETS = Count and SUPPORT_GAUGE >= 0.95 and SUPPORT_GAUGE <= .95  and SUPPORT_GRADE = S350GD”, so capacity is depended on support material.

Screw Connections

Direct screw connections capacities between trusses or truss and wall are defined in \dbases\d_SCREW_CONNECTION_DESIGN database. In this case also screw capacities provided screw manufacturers must be updated into the database. Here you have to remember that screw shear capacity never should be the one that rules, it should be material of truss or wall.

Query used is like “where MEMBER_GAUGE >= 0.95 and MEMBER_GAUGE <= 0.95  and MEMBER_GRADE = S550GD and SUPPORT_GAUGE >= 1.15 and SUPPORT_GAUGE <= 1.15  and SUPPORT_GRADE = S350GD”. Here also capacity is depended on support material and member refers to truss member.

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