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Create a Detail View on a Drawing Sheet

This procedure is for adding an enlarged or magnified detail view to a drawing sheet to show extra detail which cannot be shown at a larger scale.

The general concept behind this method is that you do the work in the model, save the work as a detail view and then drop that view into the drawing sheet.

For this example I've just added a SHS column and a beam to my ground floor view to create a detail view of.



Window the column and beam (to highlight them) and right click and select "Copy to a New Window".

VertexBD will ask for a reference point to handle the items selected, so pick a point which is central to the items (like an intersection point in this case).

This will now open up a new view window with just the items selected visible. You can now add dimensions, notes, etc to complete the detail.

Now click on the Drafting Tab and to the right of the Tools area is the "Detail" button. Click the down arrow to expand this and select "Save Drawing as a Detail".

Give the detail a relevant name and take careful note of the Detail archive location where you are saving this detail to. (You will need this location soon)

Now choose whether to save the detail into your custom folder (for details that might be used in all jobs) or just to the current project (for a specific detail for this project only).

Now you can close this view window.

Now open up the drawing which you want to add the detail to. In this example I am using the Ground Floor Plan drawing.

Highlight the drawing name and right click and select Open and Update.

In the open drawing, go to the Drafting Tab and click on the Details arrow and select "Add Detail"

Go to the archive folder where the detail was saved to and select the detail you have just created.

You can now insert the detail and scale, rotate, etc.

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