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Adding Wall Panels to House Options

Automatic House Options Manager is an add-on feature

Adding Wall Panels to House Options

  1. Create the wall layout for the base model (walls, doors, windows).
  2. Cut the walls as needed for the options, pull the walls apart a small distance, such as 1/8", at the cuts (this will prevent the panels from merging when the options are solved)
  3. Create the options (uncheck Merge Walls)
  4. Generate the wall panels for all the walls (base and options), then adjust the panel lengths as needed.
  5. Generate the parts for all the panels and make any changes to the framing as needed.

When solving or testing the options, you will get a prompt about components have connections outside the options.  You can click No to continue checking.

When ready to create a lot-specific project, use the Create and Solve Job function from the Solve menu.  This creates a new project by copying the selected master project, then lets you solve the options for that specific job, while keeping the master project untouched.

The panel drawings should only be generated after solving options in the lot specific project.

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