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Add a Roof Slope Without Knowing the Pitch

  1. Activate the 3D roof layout drawing-model pair and activate the 3D view.
  2. Select the Add Floor or Add Ceiling function.
  3. Click the Show All button to make the roof systems visible for selection in the selection dialog box.
  4. Select the necessary roof system.
  5. Right-click and select Add Parametric Slopes.

  6. Then select Add Using Selected Points.

  7. Select the corner points of the new slope from the model.

  8. Select Confirm and ESC to end the function.
  9. To connect the edges of the new slope to edges of the existing slopes, select the new slope, then right-click on the edge point to be connected and select one of the Connect to Another Edge functions.

  10. Select the slope that the first edge will be connected to, then select the edge of the second slope.
  11. Repeat the Connect to Another Edge function for each edge that requires a connection.

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