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8.12 Additional Topics

Change truss number to Unique number and in a sequence

  • Truss numbers can be changed to unique number. Unique truss number can be set in a sequence ( For example 1, 2, 3...  from left to right  or right to left )

  • First you need to change truss numbers to unique numbers.
  • So select one truss, hold down CTRL A to  select all trusses.
  • Right click and from the contractual menu click on 'Panel Numbering' → 'Change to Unique numbering'
  • Truss numbers have been changed to 'unique numbering' 


  • Before you change the truss number sequence, you can hide items /objects ( in 2 D roof framing model pair ) for better visibility while you select the truss labels in a sequence. 
  • Remember the renumbering will follow the sequence, in which you select the truss labels one by one. for example from left to right

  • In 'Output' tab click on 'Change labels' and form the drop down list click on 'Change label'

  • Select trusses one by one in a sequence from left to right. Once done right click and click on OK to confirm or  press V.
  • In this case we will select  truss labels from left to right.

  • Choose the numbering that you want for the trusses to start with.
  • First you may have to change to 2. Since there are already truss labels that starts with 1, 2, 3... and so on.
  • Click on OK
  • All truss labels of selected trusses  ( in a sequence ) have been changed to 201, 202, 203.... and so on.

  • Now you follow the similar process shown above Only difference is that this time we will  type 1 . ( Means truss labels will start 1, 2, 3...  and so on )  
  • Click on OK

  • All labels of selected trusses  ( in a sequence ) have been changed to 1,2, 3.... and so on.


  • Similarly prefixes can also be changed ( for example T to TR )
  • In 'Output' tab click on 'Change labels' and from the drop down list click on 'Change label'

  • you can right click and switch to prefixes


  • Select trusses ( hold down CTRL  to select ore than one truss OR  CTRL A to select all trusses ) right click and click on OK to confirm or  press V.

  • You can change to any letter ( Prefix ) for example TR instead of T and click on OK
  • Selected  truss/s Prefix will be changed to TR

Create Truss Schedule

  • Truss schedule can be added to the Roof layout.
  • In 'Output' tab click on 'Schedule

  • In the 'Select panel schedule' menu, select 'Trusses' and click on OK

  • Place the schedule anywhere on roof framing layout to suit

Create truss engineering Drawings

  • Once you have finished engineering all trusses and the labels of all trusses have turned green, hit 'Save'. 
  • Now truss engineering results drawings can be produced.

  • Go to 'Engineering' Tab, click on 'Trusses'
  • Select one truss and hold down CTRL A to select all trusses.
  • Right click and click on OK to confirm OR press 'V'.

  • Panel template drawings box opens. Select the template and click on OK

  • Vertex will take time to update all the truss drawings. When done you can open truss engineering drawings from 'Project Document browser''Engineering' 'Engineering Truss' 

How to printout engineering drawings

  • Engineering results can be printed. You can check moment and axial force diagrams. Check presented supports are in correct locations etc.

  • In 'Document Browser Window' right click on 'Engineering' and select 'List View'

  • Document Schedule box select the truss/s ( hold down CTRL key to select more than on truss) and click on 'Print'

  • Select the printer, sheet and scale and click on OK

  • It is a good practice to save all the pdf drawings in Shared \ project \ project name \ pdf's
  • Create folder called 'pdf's' if it doesn’t exist.

  • Save all the PDF drawings in this 'pdf's' folder. That way if you export the the project and open in new computer all the PDF drawings stays with the project.

  • Now if you go to your shared \ projects \ project name  \ 'pdf's' folder, you will find  recently saved 'Truss engineering printouts' in there 

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