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4.3 Floor Truss Engineering

Floor Truss Engineering

  • Switch to first floor deck layout ( 2D View )

  • In Engineering Tab go to Members and Trusses

  • The message simply means that Vertex wants to break up the Floor into separate entities, so it can define a surface, to apply wind loads on. Preselected Floor type might include Floor and Floor sheeting etc.
  • To create the correct size envelope for the Floor truss structure, vertex only use single surface to do the engineering calculations. No changes are actually made to the model.
  • In the dialog box click on 'Yes'

  • Vertex checks for any structural arrangement issues in the model.

  • Once done, you will get calculation messages box, left hand side on the screen with several messages.

  • A ‘Warning’ message is something that Vertex thinks should be investigated but not necessarily a problem with the design.
  • IF there is an ‘Error’ message that is a design issue which needs to be resolved.

  • You can go to 'Engineering' tab → Warnings and Errors and click on 'Warnings and Errors' to open the the warnings and errors message box

  • Once all the errors are resolved, again  run 'Members and Trusses'. Vertex will take its time to calculate the structural arrangements. 

  • Vertex will load the building design codes.
  • In the Design Criteria dialog box you can accept the settings.
  • You can change it if the engineer has supplied these  value and click on  OK

  • When done, the screen come to a halt, and vertex prompt you to 'Select objects to design'

  • That is when you need to Select all the floor trusses ( by holding down CTRL A ) Right click and click on OK to confirm OR press ‘V’ to confirm.

  • Vertex will take time to check, all truss structure parameters and design criteria.

  •  When done Calculation messages box opens of the let side of vertex window click close 

  • When all the floor trusses pass all structure parameters and design criteria, floor truss label will turn Green. 

Additional Topics

How to add 'Area Load' 

If any additional heavy load of heavy appliance is mounted on the floor the additional load must be added to floor joist.   In this scenario we will add 

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