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Copy, Move and Link Objects


Copying an object means creating a duplicate of the original object. The copied object is independent of the original object, and any changes made to one will not affect the other. Copying is useful when you want to preserve the original object and start a new design based on the old design.


Moving an object means transferring the original object from one location to another, such as a project to another. The moved object is no longer available in the original location, and only exists in the new location. Moving is useful when you want to reorganize your objects.

Linking an object means creating a connection between objects. The linked object is not a duplicate of the original object, but a reference to it. Any changes made to the original object will be reflected in the linked object, and vice versa. Linking is useful when you want to keep your object in its original location and for example, add a standard disclaimer document to all projects.

Unlink removes the link between two objects. Objects are not removed.

Difference of link types

Describe in easy language differences of link types.

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Copy, move and link objects

With basic Copy, Move and Link functions you can manage your data efficiently in Sync. Link objects together to form easily manageable projects. You can link several buildings and documents to the same project, like a separate house and garage, building permission, customer request documentation and all other documents. All information can be found under the project. Simple and easy.

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