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SolidWorks objects in Vertex Flow


It is possible to create connections between different Flow objects. When this is done systematically, related objects are easy to find.

CAD objects

Flow for SolidWorks automatically creates connections between related CAD objects. Connections are mandatory and proper use of Flow for SolidWorks Add-in. Flow for SolidWorks creates connections between the following objects.

  • Between item and related model
  • Between item and related drawing
  • Between model and related drawing

Other Flow objects

You can connect other Flow objects to CAD objects manually. For example, you can connect an item to a related project, product, customer, document, change object, etc.

Connecting can be done in the Flow user interface.

Connecting to a product or project can also be done during object Flow check-in. 

You can read more information about Flow object connecting in Flow documentation

Connections in Vertex Flow user interface

Solidworks fields in Flow 

There are some SolidWorks related fields in Vertex Flow item card. Their usage is described below.

SW codeMaps items in SolidWorks assembly to Flow items 
ConfigurationDefines which configuration of the related model describes item geometry
MaterialMaps Flow material item to SolidWorks material library material

SolidWorks fields in Flow user interface

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