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Flow for Solidworks 1.0.8

Issues16 issues


All updates for this release


  • SWADDIN-573  Mandatory fields added to Excel made by Flow for Solidworks
  • SWADDIN-570  Object type symbol added to search result
  • SWADDIN-559  Installation improvement
  • SWADDIN-546  Open API access token refresh

New Feature

  • SWADDIN-472  Create SAT format model at check-in
  • SWADDIN-571  Automatic clearing of the workspace


  • SWADDIN-568  First uncheck didn't clear up model changes
  • SWADDIN-565  The mass of the assembly did not update into item at check-in without saving
  • SWADDIN-543  Assembly opening left parts open
  • SWADDIN-578  Opening the new object dialog crashed the SW

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