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Flow for Solidworks 1.0.12


Apr 29, 2024


7 issues

All updates for this release


  • VXSWADDIN-62 Saving Flow for Solidworks workspace in cloud, net drive or elsewhere to a non-local disk shows warning

  • VXSWADDIN-52 Checkbox for transfer tool to mark items to be transferred

  • VXSWADDIN-51 The transfer tool sorts the related models and drawings sequentially

New feature

  • VXSWADDIN-60 Possibility to supplement item information in transfer tool


  • VXSWADDIN-48 Transfer to Flow didn't copy file and create all connections

  • VXSWADDIN-25 Workspace did not handle object revision removal at Flow

  • VXSWADDIN-66 The workspace folder path is completely visible in the sign in dialog

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