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Assembly window functions

Update Flow item structure masses

There are a few things that must be taken into account regarding update Flow item structure masses function.

Update Flow item structure masses function

  • fills empty item weight fields according to the geometry of the part models
  • fills empty item weight fields of assembly models based on the structure in the Flow
  • starts the calculation from the lowest levels of the structure
  • sets the unit value of the item if it is missing
  • the default unit is defined by you with the Flow system settings keyword sw.default.item.unit

Save assembly component as new

You can save the selected assembly component as new with the function.

Fill in the needed document information and create a new item if needed.

If you have selected change this component, the program will save a new document to Flow with the given information and change the active part or sub-assembly to the new one in the main assembly.

SolidWorks native assembly functions

You can use the following native SolidWorks functions also with Flow for SolidWorks add-in.

Open part

You can use open part function if you want to open a specific model of the main assembly to a new window.

After clicking open part button, the following dialog opens and you can select whether you want to open the model for viewing or editing.

By selecting checkout, you can edit the model in new window and after editing, check in changes to Flow with basic Flow for SolidWorks add-in tools.

Edit part

Edit part function activates the selected model in the open assembly

  1. Click Edit part button
  2. Select whether you want to open the model for editing or viewing
  3. Make the necessary changes to the model
  4. Stop editing by clicking the button on the top right corner of modeling window
  5. Make the necessary choices in checkin to Flow dialog

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