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Server for Flow and DS

This hardware recommendation applies to the file servers of Vertex Data Management programs.

Hardware information updated



The server may be a physical device, or it may be virtualized.

Unlike Vertex CAD programs, where the server only acts as a file sharer, the Flow and DS servers manage the processes required by the program.

  • Queries are routed to the server for processing, and the responses are sent to the workstation.
  • Vertex models and drawings are also stored on the server.
  • Several different background processes may be running on the server, for example automatic file conversions.

The user experience is affected by the size of the files being processed and the speed of the network

Vertex Flow and Vertex DS have been developed to serve decentralized data management and design, which works via the Internet in addition to the local area network.

  • The LAN speed is generally 1 Gbps, or about 112 MB/s and latency is 0,1 ms.
  • The speed of the Internet in Finland is 10 Mbps, or about 1MB/s and latency is 15 ms.
  • The Internet between Finland and the east coast of USA is 10 Mbps, or about 1MB/s, and latency is tenfold or 150 ms, for example.

About latency:

  • Latency refers to the time it takes for a data packet to be sent back and forth (= time required for ping).
  • Files (models and drawings) are sent and received as true to size packets whose delivery is confirmed before the next packet is sent.
  • Therefore, the speed of the network and the distance between the location points on the Internet set limits to the speed of data transmission that cannot be exceeded between the workstation and the server.

As a rule, the most effective solution and best user experience from the designer's point of view is to use Flow/DS systems and Vertex CAD programs on a local network.

  • Vertex CAD programs can be one user installations on workstations or server installation on a file server.
  • Because designers typically handle the largest files, the server should preferably be in the local network where most of the designers are located.

Server outside the local network

If the Flow/DS server comes to a service provider's data center, for example, it must be verified what kind of

  • band speed and
  • latency the service provider can constantly guarantee for each designer at the same time without affecting the user experience of Vertex design.

You should verify this in a test environment before deciding to transfer the production environment outside the local area network.

Requirements for the file server of Vertex Flow or DS

  • Windows Server 2008/2012 R2/2016 and Linux platform, if necessary.

  • At least 2 cores, recommendation is 4 cores or as needed.

  • Main memory at least 8 GB, recommendation 16 GB or as needed.

  • Disk space as needed, usually 200 GB will get you started.

Also note the server maintenance issues:

  • Remote connections to the server from workstations using CAD and Flow.
  • VPN connections.
  • Connections to the production control system (ERP).
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