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Reference Grid 2020

Create and modify reference grids now with more visual tools

New dialog for reference grids

You can now see all defined reference grids in one list. Scrolling from grid to grid is now history. (PLANT-3296)

Default settings for new reference grids and a possibility to point grid lines from model

New reference grids receive automatically default values for the basic settings like Origin and Rotation. Previously these fields were empty when you created a new row to the database. The program gives a default name ReferenceGrid-n to your new grid and adds one grid line to each coordinate axes direction (X, Y, and Z).

You can also define the distances from the grid origin to each gridline by pointing them from existing geometry from your model. This feature understands the grid's origin and rotation. Activate this feature by clicking the drop-down button from the field Distance to grid origin on one of the grid lines. (PLANT-3334)

Improvement to function Add new grid line definition after the active database row

You can insert, define, and name grid lines freely as you have been able to do earlier. The program now adds automatically 5000 mm to the previous value for the next grid line. You can alter the added value by chancing it for the first added row. The program uses that value for the following rows. (PLANT-3334)

New function - Hide reference grids

You can now hide the grid lines and grid texts with the function Hide reference grids. You needed two functions to hide the reference grids previously. (PLANT-3269)

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