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Libraries, G4Plant 2022



These reforms are presented in the major version 28.0.00 (2022)

Piping Design

Own pipe component for PN250 welding neck flanges

The neck of the PN250 flange is significantly bigger than the OD of connecting pipe when the size is DN80 or bigger. This caused issues with the connection tolerances earlier. To avoid these issues and to improve usability we have added new pipe component model fl_wnrf-PN250 to the library.

New pipe classes created for JIS Slip-On Flanges

We have created new pipe classes for JIS slip-on flanges and connected all JIS flanges to them. This solves the issues where JIS flanges came to the selection list where only PSk flanges were supposed to be.

Bling flanges added to PN25 and PN40

We have added new blind flanges with size DN250 and bigger.

Steel pipe classes
PN25 DN350-600
PN40 DN250-600

Stainless steel pipe classes
PN10 DN1200
PN25 DN350-600
PN40 DN250-400

New options in Database update settings

Instead of adding only new data to your customized pipe component database, you can now also update the existing data. The unifier is the pipe component's code. This new option comes in handy in those cases where dimensions change due to standard updates, for example. You can browse and filter the source database before performing the update process.

Banisters, Ladders

New banister models

You can now add every adaptive banister model from the library to the edges of stairs and platforms (including sloping platforms). You can choose from several models with round and square profiles. Every banister model has an option with or without a kick plate. We have also added banister models for short segments without vertical middle profiles.

New ladder component with square rungs

New adaptive ladder model Ladder2-SquareRungs is now available. The rungs are modeled with a cold-rolled square RHS beam and the size is 30x2.

PSK pipe class update

PSK standard update

PSK released a new version in Feb 2021 from the following pipe classes:

  • E10C1A, E10C1B, E10C1C, E16C1A, E16C1B, E16C1C, E25C1B, E40C1B, E63C1B, E63C2B, E63C3B, E63C4B, E100C1B, E100C2B, E100C3B, E100C4B, E160C1B, E160C2B, E160C3B, E160C4B, E250C1B, E250C2B, E250C3B ja E250C4B.
  • E0H1A, E0H2A, E0H3A, E6H1A, E6H2A, E6H3A, E10H1A, E10H2A, E10H3A, E16H1A, E16H2A, E16H3A, E25H1A, E25H2A, E25H3A, E40H1A, E40H2A, E40H3A, E63H1A, E63H2A ja E63H1A.

The main part of the dimension updates affected sizes DN600 and bigger from those pipe classes which are underlined in the list above.

The update also made it possible to replace wall thicknesses 3,2 and 6,3 mm with 3 and 6 mm in pipe classes H1A, H2A, and H3A (PN0-63).

Please check the standards for further information.

Piping library changes and additions according to the latest PSK standards

The pipe component database has been modified to comply with the latest PSK pipe class standards:

  • Dimensions of some of the old components changed (20 pcs).

  • New components added (91 pcs).
  • Obsolete items removed (82 pcs)
  • Option 3,2 > 3 and 6,3 > 6forced to created new components (1190 pcs), which have wall thickness 3 mm and/or 6 mm. Hybrids like 3,2-6 and 3-6,3 were not created.

T-piece dimensions in the pipe classes H3A were fixed as well.

T-pieces in classes H3A

Action points:

  • Every dimension of t-pieces in the classes H3A (PN0-63) was checked.
  • Every existing t-piece item was removed.
  • T-pieces (668 pcs) according to the standard were added to the library.

Reducing t-pieces contains abnormal codes

The normal code of reducing t-piece follows this method: OD1 x OD2 x s1 where OD is outer diameter and s is wall thickness.

Example: TeePressed-914x813x6-H3

This new option to replace wall thickness 3,2 > 3 and 6,3 > 6 created a situation where two t-pieces had the same code. We used a new method to create the codes to avoid duplicates: OD1 x OD2 x s1 x s2.

Example: TeePressed-914x813x8x6-H3

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