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Import/Export 2021



These reforms are presented in the Vertex CAD major version 27.0.00 (Vertex 2021)

IFC converter

Enhanced transfering of IFC part attributes

When transfering IFC data several times between different Vertex or other programs, attribute information did not remain in the IFC file. Now it is possible to import/export the IFC files several times without losing important data between the programs. (PLANT-3678)

Simplified assembly tree in IFC export

When exporting the IFC file the user is able to select if a site, building and storey information is skipped in the IFC. The assembly tree is then compact and similar with the assembly tree in Vertex. (PLANT-3664)

Import/Export tools

Modifications to function Simplify accurate mechanic model

Several improvements. (PLANT-3637)

  • User confirmation when exiting function. Loading imported models to this program may take time. Exiting cannot be done accidentally anymore.
  • Improvements in a part size calculation.
  • Possibility to select several values for filtering.

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