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Free scale pipe components

How to use these?

There are six free-scale pipe components in the pipe component library.

You can use them in cases where you need these specific components with dimensions that are not according to the standard.

These pipe components do not have a pipe class. You can find them from the DN size 100 and folder FreeScale.

The main principle is that you can insert them directly into your pipeline or close to their desired place.

You can modify the component's dimensions while you add them or afterward.

The last step is to adjust the item data of the inserted components. You will get the correct data in the isometric drawing and parts list.

Please check the video for further details.

You need to modify the assembly tree data a bit, if you wish to show pipe components' codes in the tree like in the video: File > User Preferences > Assembly Tree data > Select Code for displayed data.

Please activate the full-screen mode to see the video properly. Exit the full-screen mode by clicking the Esc button.

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