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What's new in Vertex G4PI 2023

These reforms are presented in the major version 29.0.00 (2023)

Operating system requirements

  • Recommended operating system is Windows 10 with latest updates
  • Windows 7 operating system is not supported with Vertex G4PI 29.0.00 (Vertex 2023) and the application will not start on it.

Vertex G4PI 2023 - New efficiency and usability for P&ID design

More and more extensive updating of data between P&ID elements.

Enhanced features for P&ID design with Flow.

More functions for replacing P&ID symbols and inserting position texts.

New features and improvements

Automatic updates and inheritance for From and To

The From/To information automatically updates for the connected pipeline if the line starts from another pipeline or device/tank and their positions change. The update happens when editing a single device card and in mass edits via database windows and Excel.

You must execute Data inheritance to update the information to connected pipelines if you modify a device card's position via the Flow user interface. Execute the inheritance for each element type separately. The updating of related positions and other inherited data also works in the same way. This is required when the Flow system is in use.

Note! The program marks fields From and To with green backgroud color if the connection is mabe by using the new connection method and the positions are part of the same project. In addition to this, elements related to the position found in the same diagram are marked. For the old text-only From/To connections, the fields are not marked, but the elements found in the same diagram are marked.

If the associated pipe, device, or tank has a value assigned to the field Pos. to the image, this value will appear in the From/To field. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4410)

Update function for the database d_FLOWMAT2

We added new fields to the d_FLOWMAT2 database of flowing materials to support technical calculations. The updating of these fields to customer-specific databases takes place automatically when one of the program's technical calculations starts for the first time with the new main version 2023. In addition, we have added a function for updating that database. This allows you to update the information from the database maintained by Vertex to the database maintained by the user, if necessary.  (Vertex ID: PLANT-4363)

Searching of selectable pipe sizes from Flow to pipeline's device card in PI diagram when Flow is in use

When you have logged in to the Flow system and selected a pipe via the DN field from the pipeline's device card in the diagram, the pipe sizes offered for selection are now retrieved from Flow based on the selected pipe class. It facilitates the centralized maintenance of customers operating with the Flow system, as there is no longer any need to make local changes to the users' machines.The feature is improved to version 28.0.07 as well. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4344)

Connection for device cards from P&I diagram to a product

All device cards in the P&I diagram get a link to the product when you connect the P&I diagram to the product in Flow. Note! The P&I diagram must always have a connection to a project. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4414)

Device cards are linked to each product linked to the diagram when:

  • A new symbol/device card is added to the diagram.
  • The diagram is opened for editing in G4Plant or G4PI.
  • The diagram is updated in G4Plant or G4PI.

Only png bitmap file creation when saving symbols to library

The program saves only a PNG file for preview when saving a symbol from now on. Previously used BMP file is no longer saved as there is no use for them anymore. These BMP files became unreasonably large and took up disk space unnecessarily with certain settings. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4371)

Change one symbol by changing the classification from attribute data

Changing a single diagram symbol to another is now possible via the attribute data card. You can, for example, change a general valve to a ball valve by switching the classification of the symbol on the attribute data card. The program performs symbol replacement when you exit the attribute data card. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4415)

Change multiple symbol by changing the classification from database

Changing multiple diagram symbols to another is now possible by switching the symbol classification to another in the database. For example, you can change all general valves in the diagram to ball valves. You can find ready-made and efficient tools for classification mass changes in the content-sensitive menu of the database window. The image below shows the user interface of the Replace function. The program performs symbol replacement when you exit the database. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4428)

Error notification of ID ERROR is simplier now

We simplified the error message of the ID ERROR window. The screen clearly explains why the error message appears and what the user has to do to correct the situation. We also updated the help file that opens behind the Help button, which explains the required repair actions in more detail.  (Vertex ID: PLANT-4409)

Automatic placing for P&ID symbol's position text

It's now possible to define a so-called text point for each diagram symbol in the symbol library. With this point, the program adds the position text to the selected place when the position of the diagram symbol is determined.

The placement of the text point is part of the symbol-saving procedure. When saving, you must first indicate the location of the placement point or points. After this, you define the place of the text point.

We have added a text point for certain chart symbols. You can find these symbols in the symbol library folder PSK 3605 > 50 Measurement and control functions. The text point is in the center of each symbol as shown in the image below. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4412, PLANT-4413)

New features and improvements since version 29.0.01

We changed default value for Symbol adding mode setting

We changed the default value for Symbol adding mode setting to automatic hidden line removal. The program automatically executes the hidden line removal and cutting of crossing diagram line everytime you open the diagram from the archive or Flow from now on regardles the adding mode setting. This feature is improved to version 29.0.01 as well. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4561)

We added confirmation question before sending project's settings to Flow

We improved the safety of the function Export project files. The program asks a confirmation question from the user before exporting the project specific settings files to Flow. The user must confirm or cancel the question from now on. This feature is improved to version 29.0.01 as well. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4555)

Automatic symbol change mode setting

The program automatically changes the PI symbol in the diagram when the symbol's classification changes. The user can change the classification via an attribute data card or database view. It's now possible to disable automatic symbol change. Use the function Automatic symbol change mode setting to change the setting. You can find the function inside the Symbol group from the ribbon. This feature is improved to version 29.0.08 as well.

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