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Installation and Upgrade of Vertex CAD Programs

Downloading and Updating Vertex CAD Software

  • You will receive a link to the Vertex CAD program installation and service package download page in an email.
  • When you use the link in the email, you do not need a username or password.
  • The email is sent to the person that has been marked as responsible for maintenance in the customer register of Vertex Systems Oy.

Service pack

Upgrade for the main version

  • The new main version is released once a year.
  • You can upgrade the main version either by using the upgrade function or by performing a new installation and copying the customer-specific folders and data on top of the new installation.

General Information

If previous versions of the program are installed on the computer, the installation program will ask if you want to upgrade or install a new one.

  • Select installation if you wish to install a new program.
  • Select upgrade if you wish to upgrade the program.
  • If the installation program does not find the old installation, the program will not suggest an upgrade. In this case, upgrade the program according to the instructions Upgrade Across Multiple Versions.


Close all Vertex CAD programs before installing or upgrading.

Vertex G4 and Flow collaboration

If Vertex G4 is connected to Vertex Flow, both must be upgraded at the same time. Order the Flow main version upgrade from Vertex systems Oy.

Installation Options

One User Installation

  • The program is only installed on one workstation.
  • The program is used only on the workstation in question.

One user installation is needed alongside a network server installation, if you use a laptop on business trips and thus are not connected to the local network, for example.

File server installation (network server installation)

  • File server installation is an installation in which all workstation users use the common program environment on the network server. 
  • The use of the program is only supported in the local network.
  • The created documents are instantly available to all designers.
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