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Diagram Design - General 2021


These reforms are presented in the Vertex CAD major version 27.0.00 (Vertex 2021)

P&ID tools

Cut and paste symbols from one P&I diagram to another connects symbols to new drawing

Cutting and pasting symbols from one diagram to another will now connect these symbols to the new drawing in the databases as well. Previously cutted symbols were referring to the orginal drawing unless the user updated the data manually. (PLANT-3844)

Switch DN data inheriting off with instruments in PI schema

For valves it has been possible to prevent updating DN and PN values from connecting position. Same functionality is now added to instruments. If checked, PN and DN fields are not copied from connecting position attributes. (PLANT-3501)

Open PI schema to a new window in all project device card list views.

PI diagram can be opened straight from project device card list. Select row and press button Open drawing at the bottom of list view. (PLANT-3646)

Possibility to select text type when adding new position label to diagram

You have now a possibility to select the text type of the position text while you are labeling new positions. You can still use the old method. The name of the new setting is Position text type and you can locate it under the drop-down menu Formats. (PLANT-3728)

Setting for signal line cutting in P&ID to same dialog where other P&ID settings are

When creating a new P&ID chart, in addition to other settings, the cutting of the signal line can now be set separately. (PLANT-3744)

More detailed position series definition available

You can define the position series for P&ID symbols by using a name of the position series or an abbreviation of the classification. The classification can now be even more detailed, for example A21|A2110 = gate valves, A21|A2107 = ball valves. (PLANT-3825)

Function Mark selected added to all project device card list views

It's now possible to select multiple lines from PI database and mark them to the diagram. (PLANT-3834)

Save filters to all project device card list views

You can now save frequently used filters when you are viewing the PI databases. (PLANT-2514)

Possibility to set default scale factor for each PI symbol

Define a default scale factor for each PI symbol. You can locate this feature from Symbol types (Symbols > Symbol types). Define the scaling factor for each symbol to the field Scale. (PLANT-3842)

P&ID device card units can be changed directly in card view

Units in device cards can be changed by typing new text directly in card view. Changed texts are saved under P&ID project. (PLANT-3116)

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