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Vertex Flow Upgrades and Updates

Vertex Flow 2024 release date January 11, 2024

How to get a new version?

If your company is enrolled in our Support and Maintenance service, your company's Vertex Flow administrator that we have on record will receive an email containing the licensing information. The delivery starts on January 11. 2024. Emails will be sent by February 1, 2024.

If the message has not reached the right person, please contact your local Vertex representative to assist you.

Vertex Systems - Finland:

Which version do I have?

You can find Vertex software version at the top bar of the running application e.g. Vertex Flow 2022. The actual version number is indicated in the lower right corner of the Flow desktop, e.g. Vertex Flow 2022 Xxxxx 22.0.09 (20200921-0002/r48232)

  • Xxxxx is the Additional (optional) site name for the Flow installation.
  • The first number of the software version (e.g. 22) tells the major version, the second (0) intermediate version and the third (09) is the service pack number.

Upgrade the main version with Vertex Systems Oy

To upgrade the Vertex Flow main version, please contact Vertex Systems Oy

Collaboration between Vertex Flow and Vertex Cad

Vertex Flow and Vertex G4 or Vertex ED must be the same main version

  • If the Vertex G4 is connected to Vertex Flow, both must be upgraded at the same time to be fully compatible (Flow 2024/24.0 and G4 2024/30.0).

Upgrades and Updates

New major versions are released once a year. These include new features and functionality enhancements.

New features included in recent versions can be found at the following links:

Vertex Flow 2024 (24.0) (Latest)

New features in older versions

See the content of the service packs for the main versions.

Vertex Flow 2024 (24.0) Service Packages (Latest)

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