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Vertex DS Upgrades and Updates

Service Packages

No new major version of Vertex Design Stream (DS) will be released. Support and maintenance of the Vertex DS will continue in the future for many years to come.

A few times a year  we release service packs including improvements and new features to our software products based on the feedback from our customers.

The latest service pack always includes all the previously released fixes and improvements.

See the contents of the service packs for the main versions.

Vertex DS 2021 (21.0) Service Packages (Latest)

The service pack includes updates that apply for the main version. You cannot upgrade an old release 20.0.xx to the new 21.0.xx with a service pack.

  • The first number of the software version tells the main version, the second number tells the possible intermediate version and the third number is the service pack number.
  • Therefore, be sure to check that the main version of the service pack's label is the same as in the program you are using.
    • For exampe, with the VertexDS-21.0.11m-windows-x64.exe patch you can update any older 2021/21.0.xx version to version 21.0.11
    • For example, with the VertexDS-20.0.10m-windows-x64.exe patch you can update any older 2020/20.0.xx version to version 20.0.10

Some remarks about updating the previous main version to the new main version

Design Stream (2021/21.0.x) and Vertex BD version 2023 (29.0) upgrade Vertex Systems Oy

  • To configure Vertex DS 2021 (21.0.x) to work with Vertex BD version 29.0, contact Vertex BD Support

Vertex DS and Vertex BD compatibility

  • Vertex Design Stream 2021 is compatible with Vertex BD version 2021 (27.0) or later.

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