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Getting started with Vertex G4

Welcome to use Vertex G4! On these pages you will find illustrative tutorial videos about the basic functions of Vertex G4. Watching videos will get you started using the program.

The user manual supplied with the program contains detailed instructions for using the functions. You can access the user manual by clicking the question mark icon on the top-right corner of the user interface, or by pressing F1. You can also browse the user manual in webhelp format. The contents are the same as in the user manual included in the program package, but you can browse the manual with an internet browser.

Vertex G4 2024 (30.0) User Manual

Table of contents

Basic functions

Check out first Vertex G4's user interface and the most important basic functions.

Handling 3D-model on a screen, keyboard functions and archive usage.

3D Design

Parts and assemblies

The product is usually an assembly that consist of parts which consist of features. Features are done by sketching or directly to the part geometry (like rounding of the edges). Sketches are mostly planar chain of lines, but you can also make 3D sketches which are not limited to a plane.

Parts are:

  1. Parts which are manufactured by drawings (the company's own products or subcontracting)
  2. Purchased standard components (screws, nuts etc.)
  3. Cross-section geometries of profiles (square pipe bar, angle bar etc.)
  4. Local geometries which are made to control the parts or principal dimensions of the assemblies (so-called skeletons) **
  5. Geometry in machining assembly, which machines other parts of the assembly **

    **These parts are normally not collected to parts lists nor printed in the production drawings.

Picture: Different part types in assembly model

Tutorial videos, part modeling

Tutorial videos, assemblies

Tutorial videos, drawings

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