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User's quick access toolbar, context-sensitive menu and shortcut keys


I want to transfer my quick access toolbar and context-sensitive menu functions and shorcut keys to the new version.


If you have added functions to the quick access toolbar or to the user's own context-sensitive menu or modified the shortcut key settings, you can use them in the new program version by copying the following files from the user folder of the previous version:

  • mouseu - Without file extension. Defines the functions added by the user to the popup menu that opens above the context-sensitive menu. The context-sensitive menu opens with the right mouse button.

  • ribbon.dat - Defines user-added functions for the quick access toolbar at the top of the program window, which is always visible.

  • vxsettings.xml - Defines user-specific system settings, for example keyboard shortcuts.

Copy the files mentioned above to the user folder of the new installation.

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